Welcome to Lambrook Stud

Lambrook Stud - BeauAt Manor Farm we aim to breed black and bay pure – bred shires that have vigour, strength and good looks, combining the best qualities of the modern show horse with those of the traditional working type.

We produce foals for sale at weaning. These youngsters are normally halter broken, vaccinated, micro-chipped and registered with the Shire Horse Society. Take a look at our horses for sale and please contact us if you would like to visit.

Our Shire Horses
The Shire horse is the old working horse that tilled the fields of England before the coming of the tractor. The Shire was once a common sight in the working landscape, but now a revolution in farming has reduced the breed to less than 2,000 registered mares in the UK. At Manor farm we breed these beautiful kind natured huge horses, producing registered pure bred foals for use in showing, riding, driving and land work.

The Shire horse is the largest of the English horse breeds averaging 17-18hh when fully grown. It has strong, feathered legs and large feet. It is not fast at a gallop, but has active paces and is strong and willing to learn.

Our horses run in herds, which stay out all year grazing extensively on our Cotswold meadows rich in wild flowers and wild grasses. Our stallion runs with at least one mare all year.